A new spin on an iconic game. Over $1,500,000 in prizes.

The frantic action of Tetris®. The thrill of Spin & Go’s. One epic experience. It’s time to take part in Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards.

Play Tetris®+ Spin & Go tournaments, between February 4-March 18, to be in with a shot of winning a share of our $33,000 daily prize pools.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Join Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards. There’s one leader board per buy-in and you can join as many leader boards as you want. You only need to join once per buy-in tier.
  • Play Tetris®+ Spin & Go tournaments to clear lines. Your number of line clears depend on your Spin & Go multiplier and your finishing position in the tournament.
  • Every time you achieve five line clears your level will increase. The higher your level, the more points you’ll get for clearing lines.
  • We’ll calculate your daily leader board score based on your level and your number of line clears. This updates at the end of each game. Get cash prizes for topping leader boards.
  • Discover how close you are to ‘Game Over’ status by checking out your playing field state. Green = good, amber = worsening, red = a lost Spin & Go which could result in ‘Game Over’.

Game Over? No worries. If you get to the ‘Game Over’ stage in any Tetris®+ Spin & Go game, you’ll receive an entry to a daily prize draw. These will award $5,000 in prizes each day. Plus, you can still take part in the other leader boards.

How will you stack up? It’s time to play for your share of over $1,500,000 in prizes.

Terms & Conditions

What is the promotion?

‘Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards’ is a daily promotion that you can find in your PokerStars client and mobile app. Opt-in is required.

Registering for any Tetris®+ Spin & Go tournament gives you the opportunity to opt-in to daily leader boards. Each Spin & Go buy-in level has its own leader board, and once opted-in, you are automatically eligible to enter any Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Board of that particular buy-in. You can take part in as many leader boards as you like and can have multiple Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards active. Note: progress and scores in one buy-in tier are independent from progress in other buy-ins.

In the Tetris®+ Spin & Go widget, displayed in the lobby and at the table, you will be able to see your progress in that particular leader board. This includes your score, level, line clears and the status of your current playing field.

Line clears

Line clears indicate how many lines you have cleared on that day, and in that Spin & Go buy-in. Your total number of line clears is a function of the Spin & Go multiplier and your finishing position, as indicated in the table below:


Finishing position
Line clears
Spin & Go Multiplier 2x 4 3 2
3x 3 2 1
Over 3x 2 1 1


You will increase your level every time you reach five line clears. The higher your level, the more points you get for line clears.


Your score indicates the number of points you’ve earned on the leader board. It is a result of your level and line clears each time you play a Tetris®+ Spin & Go tournament. It updates at the end of each Tetris®+ Spin & Go game and determines your position on that daily leader board.

LevelPoints for 1 linePoints for 2 linesPoints for 3 linesPoints for 4 lines
0 40 100 300 1,200
1 80 200 600 2,400
2 120 300 900 3,600
3 160 400 1,200 4,800
n =40*(n+1) =100*(n+1) =300*(n+1) =1200*(n+1)
20 840 2,100 6,300 25,200

Level 20 is the highest level that can be reached.

Playing field

The playing field indicates the state of your current Tetris® game and the proximity of reaching ‘Game Over’. Your playing field state can change at the end of any Tetris®+ Spin & Go and is a result of your placement and your current level. Win Spin & Go’s to improve your playing field; failing to win Spin & Go’s will push you closer to the brink of ‘Game Over’.

Green indicates that your playing field is in a good state, amber means it is worsening, and a red state indicates that any Spin & Go which isn’t won in this state might result in your Tetris® game finishing. The table below indicates the likelihood of your state improving or worsening.

Spin & Go placement
LevelImproveNo changeNo changeWorsenNo changeWorsen
0-1 100% 0% 100% 0% 100% 0%
2-5 80% 20% 80% 20% 50% 50%
6-9 60% 40% 60% 40% 40% 60%
10-13 40% 60% 40% 60% 30% 70%
14-17 20% 80% 20% 80% 20% 80%
18-20 20% 80% 20% 80% 10% 90%

Your playing field, level and score will update at the end of the Tetris®+ Spin & Go game.

When is this promotion?
This promotion takes place from 09:00 ET on February 4, 2021 and finishes at 23:59 ET on March 18, 2021.

Who is eligible?

This promotion is open to all PokerStars Real Money players.

What will I receive?

Players will receive a cash prize if they reach the top of any leader board, based on the following table:

PositionSpin & Go buy-in
1 $50 $150 $250 $400 $500 $500 $750 $1,000 $1,500 $3,000
2 $40 $100 $200 $300 $400 $400 $600 $800 $1,000
3 $30 $75 $150 $250 $350 $350 $500 $600 $750
4 $20 $50 $100 $200 $300 $300 $400 $500 $500
5 $15 $25 $50 $150 $250 $250 $300 $400 $500
6-10 $10 $20 $40 $100 $150 $150 $150 $200
11-20 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 $100 $100 $100
21-50 $5 $5 $10 $25 $50 $50
51-100 $5 $5 $5 $10

Players who complete the Tetris®+ Spin & Go game inside one day, and reach the 'Game Over' stage, will receive an entry to the daily Tetris®+ Spin & Go prize draw. 400 ‘$5 Spin & Go’ tickets will be awarded every day.


  • Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards can only be completed by playing real money Spin & Go tournaments.
  • Each day of the leader board starts at 00:00 ET and ends at 23:59 ET.
  • Spin & Go Max and Omaha are excluded from the leader boards, together with $1,000 buy-in Spin & Go’s and any promotional Spin & Go tournaments.
  • Spin & Go Flash is included in the leader boards.
  • To have your progress measured in each leader board, you must opt-in to the leader boards. Tournaments played prior to opting-in will not count towards your progress.
  • You can check your daily progress in the Spin & Go tab within the desktop client, or the Sit & Go tab on mobile. You can check our standings by visiting the 'Leader Boards' Window.
  • If you reach ‘Game Over’ in any daily leader board, you will need to wait until the following day to start collecting points towards a new one.
  • Prizes will be credited the following day, at the end of the leader board day, with no restrictions or earning requirements.
  • Players with the same score will be ranked based on who posted their score first on a given day.
  • The daily Tetris®+ Spin & Go prize draw will take place every day at 00:00 ET, after which players will receive a notification with the outcome.
  • In the case of any suspicious or fraudulent game play/behavior, we reserve the right to exclude players from this offer.

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Visit our Help Center if you have any questions about Tetris®+ Spin & Go Leader Boards.