MicroMillions FAQ

MicroMillions is an online tournament series that features 100+ events, almost all with micro-stakes buy-ins. Below you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions, providing everything you need to know about the series.

MicroMillions is a tournament series designed for the 'little guy'. Though all are welcome, MicroMillions is targeted to players who want to play Championship-style poker but don't have the bankroll for big buy-in events. MicroMillions events have great structures with deep stacks, leaving plenty of opportunities for Championship-level play. Winning a MicroMillions event will be a significant achievement: a chance to win a big prize for a small buy-in.

MicroMillions will run from November 10-24, 2019.

MicroMillions buy-ins range from $1.10 to $5.50 for most events, with a $22 Main Event.

Anyone with a Stars Account that’s valid for real money play can enter. If you don’t yet have an account, it’s easy to download the free poker software and set one up. You can buy in directly, win a satellite for as little as pennies, or even get in the game through StarsCoin satellites. Please note that players registered in Austria are not eligible to take advantage of the StarsCoin satellites.

You can buy directly into the events themselves with cash, tickets, or T$. Tickets to enter may be purchased in the Rewards Store, or may be won in certain satellites which will be marked as awarding tickets. Satellites can be entered using cash or T$, and some also accept StarsCoin.

No. All satellites during MicroMillions are classified as “must play.” If you win a seat to a MicroMillions event in a satellite, you must play it. Do not register for a MicroMillions satellite unless you will be available to play the event! In addition, event tickets awarded via promotional tournaments must be used in that event or forfeited, as they have no value outside of the tournament to which they grant admission. Event tickets are not transferrable.

If you have already been awarded a ticket for a particular event, please do not play more events which award the same ticket, since if you win the additional ticket will have no value. If you have won a ticket for an event via an offer and are already registered for that event, you may continue to play cash or StarsCoin satellites to that same event, and if you win you will be awarded T$ for the value of the seat.

For the MicroMillions events themselves, yes, and our automated deal tool will help facilitate them. Please note that any deal will be required to leave a portion of the prize pool out of the deal to be awarded to the winner. The minimum amount to be left aside will be specified in the tournament lobby. For more details about deals, please see our poker Tournament Rules.

No. The intent of satellites it to produce seats into MicroMillions events, and not just distribute T$ to people, therefore we prohibit final table deals during MicroMillions satellites.

If you are already registered in the target event, subsequent seats won will result in your account being credited with T$ equal to the buy-in + fee of the target event.

The standard Tournament Rules apply.

Zoom poker is a fast-paced tournament format where your opponents change every hand. This is because you play against a pool of players, instead of fixed opponents on one table. The tournament plays in a Zoom format until the final three tables are reached. At that stage, the tournament reverts to a regular format.

Re-Entry tournaments allow players to re-enter the tournament if they have lost all of their chips. The re-entry is allowed anytime during the re-entry period as specified in the lobby. Some tournaments allow multiple re-entries. The number of re-entries available in a given tournament is confirmed during the registration process.

In addition to winning a knockout bounty when you eliminate another player, a percentage of every knockout bounty goes to increasing the bounty on your head. For example, if you enter a Progressive KO tournament with a $1 bounty on your head, eliminating another player with a $1 bounty on their head will result in $0.50 being added to your account and $0.50 being added to your own bounty. Your own bounty is now $1.50 and a player who eliminates you will win $0.75 and their own bounty will increase by $0.75. The amount of your tournament buy-in that goes to the bounty prize pool in a Progressive KO tournament does occasionally vary, so be sure to check the tournament lobby for more information.

Bubble Rush is a tournament structure that uses variable level times. The early levels are relatively quick so players reach the bubble faster than they would in a regular tournament. As the tournament progresses, the level times slow down, providing more play in the later stages.

Yes. The MicroMillions Main Event will be a 2-Day event. There will also be a Phased Event taking place, where players have a chance to play their way to Phase 2 (Day 2) via multiple Phase 1 tournaments.