Sebastian Huber

André Coimbra

Poker began as a fun pastime for Sebastian Huber. Together, him and his friends created their own poker table and began playing each other just for the enjoyment of the game.

Eventually, Sebastian started playing poker full-time alongside studying for his business psychology degree in Vienna. Before long he found himself at his first poker tournament. He was still a rookie, and somewhat amazed to find himself in the Bahamas playing at the 2017/18 PCA.

Years later, he discovered Twitch poker and began streaming online. Streaming on Twitch proved to be a decisive step in Sebastian’s poker career; thanks to the encouragement he received from the online poker community, he found himself motivated to keep on improving at the game, loving every second of the experience.

He then went on to win the Saturday Duel back-to-back after focusing on Heads-Up Total KO tournaments on PokerStars, something he treasures as one of the proudest moments in his career.

His best streaming moment, however, came a few years after this. Sebastian was crowned the 2021 Dare2Stream winner, giving him a Platinum Pass to the next PokerStars Players Championship and a huge push on his Twitch channel.

Now a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online, something he’d always dreamed of doing, he hopes to push poker even more and share his passion for the game with as many people as he can.

For Sebastian, the best part of streaming is being able to connect with people from across the world. He feels that streaming is the best thing to make poker bigger and better, and now he’s an ambassador, he hopes to use the opportunity to work with other great streamers and bring more people into the world of poker. He also hopes to develop his own game even further and enhance the quality and quantity of his own content as he goes.

Away from the tables, Sebastian is hugely passionate about sports, and has played everything from golf and football (soccer) to winter sports. He also loves endurance sports, and completed his first marathon in 2019 and his first 70.3 triathlon in Zell am See in 2021.

You can find Sebastian on the tables under the user ID peace&loove.