Star Code offers - Different ways to receive a Star Code

Star Codes are used to claim certain offers. By entering one of these codes in our software, you can opt in to special offers, receive rebates, tournament tickets, special prizes, and more.

They are different from rebate codes and in most cases, they can be used without any deposit required.

Basically, Star Codes are used for two kinds of offers:

  • Public offers: These are open to everyone and when they're offered, you can find the Star Code on our website, in the Special Offers section.
  • Exclusive offers: These are open to players who are selected by our Marketing Department according to certain marketing strategies.

It is also worth mentioning that Star Codes can have different expiration dates depending on the offer and some can be used just once while others are reusable. If you are eligible for an exclusive Star Code offer, we'll get in touch via email, SMS, or pop-up message in our software.

If you haven't opted in to receive marketing messages, then you may not receive communications containing a Star Code.

To check this, go to the lobby of our desktop software and select:

Settings → Global → Communication Preferences

We are unable to advise when, or even if, a customer will receive a Star Code. Neither can our Support team offer these codes upon request.


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