Opting in to challenges

To opt in to challenges, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit the 'Challenges' section of your account.
  2. Select 'Open' on the challenge you want to take part in.
  3. Select 'Start' to opt in.

It's important that you do so as we want to make sure your gameplay will count towards finalizing the respective challenge.

Here's how you can access your 'Challenges' Window:

  • Desktop software: After login, click on the 'Challenges' icon from the menu on the right side of the screen and a new window will open.
  • Mobile app: Go to 'My Rewards' → 'Challenges'.

If you're just browsing our website and want to access your 'Challenges' Window, press the button below:

Challenges Window

Here you'll also find the exact requirements for every available challenge, prize information, and other relevant details.


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