Bulgaria license information and FAQ

Questions and answers about the move to PokerStars.bg

PokerStars is pleased to announce that we have recently obtained a new license in Bulgaria. To continue playing, all players who reside in Bulgaria need to move their account to the new PokerStars.bg software. Moving your account is very easy and can find answers to any questions you might have below.

When is the move to the PokerStars.bg platform? How do I move my account? How long does the process take? How can I move my account on my mobile? Can I still play the same games against the same opponents? Does my account change? Are transfers permitted? Is there anything that could prevent me from moving to PokerStars.bg? Do I have to move to PokerStars.bg How do I know if I’ve successfully moved to PokerStars.bg? Can I keep playing with my friends from other countries? Is there a change to Rake and Tournament Fees? How about chat? Does this change the languages I can use at the tables? What if I experience any difficulties?

Сила на ръцете

Hand Rankings

Научете силата на покер ръцете в Тексас Холдем, Омаха и други игри.

ЧЗВ - покер игри

faq games

Често задавани въпроси и отговори за играта на покер в PokerStars.

Покер термини


Покер речникът е вашето ръководство при овладяването на покер жаргона.

Отдел поддръжка


Отдел поддръжка е на ваше разположение денонощно и ще отговори на всички въпроси, които не са засегнати в раздела с ЧЗВ.

Игра с истински пари

Chip Stack

Направете първия си депозит и започнете да играете в PokerStars. Депозирането е бързо и сигурно.