Georgina James

Georgina James

Georgina started playing poker after discovering the game on Twitch. Beginning by enjoying EPT coverage, and then playing Home Games with friends from University, she quickly grew her love for poker. Little did she know then that she’d grow into a professional player, but here she is. An achievement she’s rightly so proud of.

Being able to commentate at live events, including at EPT Prague, is a part of the role she really enjoys. Georgina hopes one day to play in a big live event, maybe even the PSPC? Thanks to her streaming, she’s hoping to continue to grow a community that helps and supports each other. Inspiring others to fall in love with the game, just like she did.

Now she’s a member of Team PokerStars Pro Online, she wants to showcase the best of poker and the best of its community. That sense of togetherness and friendliness is something Georgina makes a real effort in helping to develop and this is where she has made some of her best friends.

Her love of streaming started when she won the prize of a Platinum Pass in a competition. But her favourite moment was giving out 2 Platinum Passes herself through the DareToStream competition. Many of those that entered are still streaming now and this gives Georgina a real sense of pride – it’s more than she could have ever hoped for.

Having graduated with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath, Georgina quickly decided to take up poker full time after leaving her Business Improvement Manager role behind. When she’s not at the tables, she enjoys playing video games and watching anime.

You can find Georgina on the tables under the name GJReggie.